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‘The choice of brand was easy: SafanDarley’ 

4 February 2020
Eigenaren Van der Ende Aluminium Constructies

‘The choice of brand was easy: SafanDarley’ 

Van der Ende Aluminium Constructies is operating at full speed on the Honderdland industrial estate in Maasdijk. The company's aluminium products are delivered all over the world from Westland. Director Laurens likes to work with SafanDarley: ‘We have been a customer for 15 years. This brand is the Mercedes among press brakes.’

Van der Ende Aluminium Constructies is a family business. ‘I have been working in the aluminium industry for 23 years,’ says founder Herman van der Ende. ‘I started out working for myself in the shed in 2001. The work mostly involved repairs. I became increasingly busy, working for horticulturists.’

‘The shed became too small,’ adds son Laurens - now director. ‘Dad therefore rented a small workshop. I started helping in the company because he was becoming increasingly busy. The plan was for me to step in for a week, but I never left’, he laughs. 

The company grew considerably. ‘We always offer high quality, great service. The company even grew during the economic crisis,’ says Herman van der Ende. ‘We have a team of 25 great people. Our daughter Mariëlle also works in the company office.’

Eighty percent of the products are exported. ‘Our construction material is used for greenhouse horticulture, in industry, commercial and industrial buildings and for installation work. We have also realised many special projects such as a large aluminium logo for the MTV Awards, large assignments for the Central Station in Rotterdam and an aluminium vertical garden wall in Copenhagen. The products are delivered worldwide: England, China and Australia,’ says Laurens van der Ende.

Increasing production requires sound machinery. ‘We had two old press brakes and a new one for handling 3-metre sheets. We exchanged that for a new 4 metre press brake, because it was needed for an order. We also bought M-Shear’s, model 430-8 and model 310-8. In addition we have an E-Brake 100T - 3100 press brake and an E-Brake 200T. AutoPOL software is installed on all machines. The product is displayed on the screen in 3D. That is really effective.’

The choice of brand was easy: ‘We have been a customer since 2005. This machinery is the Mercedes among machines,’ says Herman. ‘Everyone in the industry considers this brand to be the best. That is why we chose SafanDarley. We called a representative and agreed on a price. The representative responded to our wishes and had the machines customised where necessary. We have made a substantial investment, but this will certainly increase our production capacity.’ 

‘SafanDarley is also a Mitsubishi dealer,’ says Laurens van der Ende. ‘That worked out very well for us, because we wanted to purchase a fibre laser from Mitsubishi too. We were able to keep everything under one roof. The co-operation was excellent thanks to the short communication lines. As a customer, you are well supported. And if there are any problems, you can always call SafanDarley's help desk.’

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