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Commissioning H-Brake 800T press brake

Evolution in sheet metal working

SafanDarley is the leading global specialist in developing and constructing press brakes and shears for both thin and thick sheet metal.

SafanDarley is a leading company that covers all disciplines. From R&D and engineering to manufacture and assembly. From marketing & sales to technology and training. And from helpdesk to service department. SafanDarley has 2 production plants, a head office in Lochem and a branch in Eijsden. The company employs approximately 160 members of staff.

Off-line 3D-progamming

Smart Bending with the innovative Autopol 3D offline programming guarantees full and reliable process control. Thanks to the intuitive design and control, the system requires just two days training. Time that will definitely pay off with quick and flawless production.

The system operates in three simple steps.

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Smartmanufacturing in the Smart Industry

OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness.… A new concept, but already familiar to SafanDarley. We always think along with you to integrate our machines into your manufacturing process as best as possible. Optimisation of your processes and zero defects: that is the aim for which we deploy our knowledge and innovations for you. With SafanDarley, an improvement of the OEE in your manufacturing process is feasible, without a doubt. 30% increased efficiency and more output... 

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E-Bend L Blue angle measurement system

The E-Bend L Blue uses two blue laser sensors one each side of the table. The sensors are fully CNC controlled and extremely precise. The system constantly monitors and corrects the position of the Y axis based on the actual product angle. This guarantees a final product with the highest angle precision. If necessary, the system automatically adjusts the crowning axis, Y1-Y2 axis and also compensates for the spring-back.

‘SafanDarley’s operating model is fully aligned to ours’
‘SafanDarley’s operating model is fully aligned to ours’
Meijer Metal in Sint Jacobiparochie in Friesland (NL) will celebrate its centenary in two years. Yet despite its age, this specialist in sheet metal and pipe processing is exceptionally modern and forward thinking. Its machine fleet boasts no fewer than ten SafanDarley machines, including three new E-Brake Ultra press brakes.
Blechexpo 2019 presentation
Blechexpo 2019 presentation
During BlechExpo 2019 in Stuttgart, SafanDarley will present a complete programme of solutions with respect to sheet metal working. As the inventor of the electronic press brake, SafanDarley will also showcase the very first E-Brake from 1995. How has the E-Brake helped to create an efficient working environment? Find out during BlechExpo.
Relocating North American facility
Relocating North American facility
As part of the commitment to the US market and following the successful growth in the Midwest and south east, SafanDarley North America, LLC will be relocating its US facility to Waukesha, Wisconsin.
Commissioning H-Brake 800T press brake
Commissioning H-Brake 800T press brake
SafanDarley recently commissioned an H-Brake 800T at Bässler in Olpe (DE). The H-Brake 800T with a working length of 8200 mm has a weight of approximately 95.000 kg. For transport
Innovative solutions at Lamiera 2019
Innovative solutions at Lamiera 2019
SafanDarley will present a wide range of innovative solutions at Lamiera 2019. In addition to machine innovations, SafanDarley will focus this exhibition on the latest developments in programming off-line software and highlight an Industry 4.0 interface.