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SafanDarley 是全球厚、薄钣折弯和剪裁开发的领导者

SafanDarley 是严守规律的领导公司。由开发部,到工程部、生产至最后组装;市场推广、锁售和技术支援;甚至询问到服务。SafanDarley 有两个生产基地,总部设在 Lochem,分公司设在Eijsden。全公司约有 160 位员工。

离线 3D 编程

配合 Autopol 3D离线编程,  智能折弯保证完美和可靠生产管理。受惠於简洁设计和系统,只需两天培训即可。在更短时间顺利投入生产


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OEE (全面生产设备效益 简称).. 新的概念但 SafanDarley 已然熟悉。我们一直希望配合你的想法,把我们机床合成到现有生产流程,优化生产流程和零偏离;这是我们分享技术与创新的宗旨,在生产中改善 OEE,旨望提升生产效益与产能高於 30%



EC 40智能控制系统

工业 4.0倡导企业透过互联网和资讯技术,简化生产模式。EC 40智能控制系统可带领此方向

SafanDarley at exhibitions
GS Metaal E-Brake 35T Mini Cell
GS Metaal E-Brake 35T Mini Cell
GS Metaal BV is as specialist in sheet metal working with bending one of their specialities. By choosing the SafanDarley E-Brake Mini Cell, GS Metaal is able, to automate the bending of a wide variety of products up to 900 mm in length in a relatively small area.
H-Brake 700T Ultra raises capacity at Clijsters
H-Brake 700T Ultra raises capacity at Clijsters
Clijsters BVBA commissioned a new SafanDarley H-Brake 700T Ultra. This hydraulic press brake has an impressive capacity of 700 tonnes and can bend sheets up to 7 metres long. This investment marks a significant step forward in Clijsters' production capacity.
Introduction: SafanDarley H-iBrake
Introduction: SafanDarley H-iBrake
At Blechexpo 2023, SafanDarley will introduce the new and innovative H-iBrake press brake series. With this, SafanDarley is redefining the future of sheet metal working. The H-iBrake is designed to take companies' production to the next level and be successful at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved through advanced drive technology, increased approach and pressing speeds, optimum precision and energy regeneration, among other things.
New softwareplatform: ASC-Control
New softwareplatform: ASC-Control
SafanDarley proudly presents the fully in-house developed software platform ASC-Control (Automated Solution Cell). This provides SafanDarley with a perfect software platform that enables all further developments with and around the electric E-Brakes and the hydraulic H-Brakes.
Increased productivity through redesign
Increased productivity through redesign
From 2023, all Mini Cell press brakes will be fitted with a double door on the infeed side as standard. This is SafanDarley's response to market needs. The redesign now makes it possible to run the Mini Cell for more than 8 hours without human intervention.