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National repair service

Service is also a SafanDarley core activity. We support our customers with a complete package of after-sales services. Obviously a fast-response repair service comes first, as well as an expert helpdesk for remedying simple problems remotely.

The SafanDarley helpdesk can be reached on business days between 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. by phoning +31 (0)573 222 211 (location Lochem) or +31 (0)43 409 74 09 (location Eijsden). You can also send your support questions to helpdesk@safandarley.com.

SafanDarley helpdesk:


+31 (0)573 222 211 


+31 (0)43 409 74 09 


Questions about service parts can be sent to parts@safandarley.com.

Regular inspection and preventive maintenance

SafanDarley offers various options for regular inspection and preventive maintenance. The SafanDarley Service Plan ensures optimum operating reliability through, among other things, annual inspection of machines, recalibration to the original specifications and preventive maintenance: the smartest and cheapest way of preventing unplanned downtime. 

Interactive production optimisation

In the future, interactive web-based communications will become increasingly important in providing direct services and the automatic optimisation of machine performance. With our ‘digital support’ we will always be close at hand. (Only available in the UK, otherwise ask your local dealer)

Customized advice

Our expertise is available at all times to provide customized advice. In countries where we do not have our own office and service organization, excellently trained local partners ensure professional support and breakdown service.

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