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Fully automatic cutting centre

Model M 310-6
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Volautomatisch knipcentrum

Fully automatic cutting centre

SafanDarley is the market leader in high quality hydraulic and hybrid guillotine shears and offers a variety of smart solutions for cutting sheet metal. The fully automatic cutting centre is one of these innovations that contributes to productivity and customer-specific efficiency.

  • Special version of the hydraulic guillotine shear
  • Automatic sheet feed system
  • Product discharge system.
  • Energy-efficient hybrid drive with lower CO2 emissions
  • User-friendly Touch screen operation
  • Only 22 litres of oil  
  • Less noise pollution
  • Integrated safety system

Wide range of applications

The cutting centre can be used for various applications and is ideal for:

  • Where high demands are made on repeat accuracy.
  • Cutting pre-punched sheets into components.
  • The clean and square cutting of single pieces from large sheets.
  • Precise cutting of single pieces with the option to return the cut sheet at to the front of the machine using the return to sender system.
  • Easy handling and support of very thin sheet material during the cutting process. 


The cutting centre is ideal for cutting 

  • Cold and hot rolled steel (max 6mm)
  • Stainless steel (max 4mm)
  • Aluminum (max 6mm) 

    Automatic sheet feed  

    The automatic sheet feed system consists of a centrally placed CNC pre-stop unit with a flat table with roller balls and equipped with 6 hydraulic clamps

    Automatic sheet feed:

    Max. plate size3050 x 1525 x 6mm
    Min. Plate thickness                                 0,5mm
    Min. Plate width (clamping distance)        300mm
    Clamp width 60mm
    Number of terminals                             6
    Max. Adjustment range CNC stop        3500mm
    Min. residual strip                              46mm
    Positioning speed of CNC stop   400mm/sec

    Productafvoer installatie volautomatisch knipcentrum

    Product discharge system

    The automatic product discharge system comprises of 2 conveyor belts placed one behind the other. The first conveyor belt has a hold-up function and a return device (Return to Sender).

    The second transport can be lifted and then serves as a scrap flap through which the residual strips fall into a scrap bin. After cutting, the sheet is discharged or transported for the next operation, fully automatically, for optimum productivity.

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    Working safety

    With the fully automatic cutting centre you can work at lightning speed without risk. SafanDarley makes this possible by means of a fencing/light screen combination that shields the cutting centre. With this built-in safety feature, the built-in hydraulic clamps will retain the plate if the light beam is interrupted whilst the machine is in operation.

    Beveiligd volautomatisch knipcentrum

    The E-standard of the future

    • Efficency
      Solutions for faster production
    • Ecology
      Maximum CO2 and oil reduction
    • Ergonomics
      Complete control with one touch
    • Economy
      Total flexibility with Zero Defect