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About SafanDarley

Innovative development of press brakes and guillotine shears


SafanDarley is the leading global specialist in developing and constructing press brakes and shears for both thin and thick sheet metal. SafanDarley is a leading company that covers all disciplines. From R&D and engineering to manufacture and assembly. From marketing & sales to technology and training. And from helpdesk to service department. SafanDarley has 2 production plants, a head office in Lochem and a branch in Eijsden. The company employs approximately 200 members of staff.

Flexible manufacturing of sheet-metal working machines

Innovation also plays an important role in our own SafanDarley press brake production process. We use the most sophisticated equipment and systems in a streamlined process with strict quality control. In doing so we apply the principles of ‘lean manufacturing’ to produce as flexibly as possible with minimum wastage. This way we combine the best possible quality/price ratio with socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Why we rank among the top in the world

Quality, innovation, reliability and sustainability are the core values based on which we have created an expanding and loyal global customer base. Consequently, we do rank among the top 3 manufacturers of sheet metal working machines in the world for the top market sector.

Sheet bending, cutting, handling and automation

Our employees have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the fields of press-braking bending, cutting and handling thin sheet metal, as well as of all aspects of bending-cell automation and customer-specific total solutions.

The E-volution in sheet metal working

As the inventor of the servo-electronic press brake, SafanDarley brought about a veritable e-volution in sheet metal working. Not only because of superior electronic technology compared to traditional hydraulics, but also through innovative machine concepts, unique control systems and optimal production automation.  

Unique range of electronic press brakes

With its Original E-Brake, SafanDarley established itself a lead that no one is can catch up with. The SafanDarley range of electronic press brakes is unmatched in the entire world.

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Research & Development in sheet metal working and handling

Continuous innovation is SafanDarley's core activity. Our innovative strength is directed at developing entirely new machines and systems, and at perfecting existing machines and accessories. We develop all our innovations in-house. The ingenuity of our R&D department covers all aspects of construction, control and software, and is combined with unique expertise in the fields of press-brake bending, cutting and (automated) sheet handling.

Integrated production solutions

In our opinion, the provision of integrated manufacturing solutions will play an increasingly important role. This will mainly concern the integration of machine control, automation and communication. In this development too, SafanDarley is setting the pace.


The SafanDarley brand originates from 2012, when the brands of Safan and Darley were merged. Thanks to their rich history, Safan B.V. and Darley B.V. have the experience needed to be able to operate in today's top segment of the sheet metal working market.

Safan B.V. was incorporated in 1960 as a pooling of resources from 5 Dutch manufacturers in the field of machines and tools for the sheet metal working industry. The most important one of these manufacturers and the driving force behind the development of Safan, was Wila of Lochem. This company had been operating as an engineering works for the sheet metal working industry since 1932.

Darley B.V. was incorporated in 1934 as a machinery plant, mainly as a supplier for the then state mines, and after 1957 it started to specialise in hydraulic sheet metal working machines.

Innovative genes

Since then, both companies have recorded important milestones and patents. Darley for instance not only secured a prominent position with highquality hydraulic press brakes, it is now also the market leader in the cathode-processing industry thanks to its cathode shears.

In 1995, Safan secured one of the most important patents in the sheet metal working industry: the servo-electronic drive for the E-Brake press brake. This valuable electronic press brake has caused a huge E-volution in the sheet metal working industry. Rising demand from the international market prompted a considerable expansion of the Lochem plant in 2009.

SafanDarley B.V. was incorporated in 2013 as a joint sales and service organisation. The three companies form a healthy and financially strong group with a total of approx. 200 members of staff. The group forms part of Nivora Holding, which also includes BEWO Cutting Systems, Dynobend and Style CNC Machines.

The Nivora Group

The Nivora group is a Dutch industrial enterprise with a specific mission. Nivora holds shares in innovative industrial companies. The company’s objective is development, and the preservation of a high level of knowledge and employment in the Netherlands. The company has more than 350 employees in the Netherlands.

The group consists of four leading Dutch brands of metal working machines: SafanDarley:- manufacturer of innovative machines for sheet metal working. Bewo Cutting Systems:- manufacturer of industrial sawing machines, STYLE CNC Machines:- manufacturer of unique lathes and milling machines, Dynobend:- specialised in solutions for precision cold forming of tube



  • 1980 | Introduction of CNC press brake type EHP
  • 1987 | Introduction of ADS crowning for press brakes
  • 1992 | Introduction of nickel cathode cutting system
  • 1992 | Introduction of Multi Power Punching Machine
  • 1996 | Introduction of Multifold Bending Machine
  • 1999 | Introduction of ACS Sensor angle measuring system
  • 2003 | Introduction of Top Tool Clamp HBK-04 HV
  • 2005 | Introduction of crowning type ADS4/CNC
  • 2006 | Introduction of ACS laser angle measuring system


  • 2012 | Merger of the Safan and Darley brands into one new brand SafanDarley
  • 2012 | Introduction of SafanDarley Eye
  • 2012 | Introduction of the new generation H-Brake


  • 1980 | Introduction of the servo-hydraulic press brake
  • 1988 | Introduction of the first press brake with a robot
  • 1995 | Introduction of the SafanDarley Touch Screen control unit
  • 1995 | Introduction of the servo-electronic press brake (SMK)
  • 1999 | Introduction of the hybrid guillotine shears (HT)
  • 2004 | Introduction of the Original E-Brake
  • 2005 | Introduction of the 150T and 200T E-Brakes
  • 2008 | Introduction of the R-Brake automated bending cell
  • 2010 | Introduction of the E-Brake Ergonomic
  • 2010 | Introduction of the E-Brake 300T Dual Drive
  • 2010 | Introduction of the E-Control Touch Screen control