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Hybrid shears in 1.25 to 6 metre lengths

In the evolution of the shearing process, SafanDarley is also a leader with its innovative technology. The SafanDarley M-Shear is unique because their innovative hybrid drives: a superior combination of hydraulics and electronics.

Advantages of the hybrid shear drive
The system is very energy efficient and low-noise, and uses only a fraction of the usual amount of oil. Maximum efficiency in sheet metal shearing Automatic cutting-angle setting, torsion-free cutting of narrow strips and scrap separation are other important advantages. Combined with the Return-to-Sender function, maximum efficiency in sheet metal shearing is achieved.

SafanDarley M-Shear
The SafanDarley M-Shear comes fully equipped and with versatile optional features within a very large range of some 20 models.  


Smart Bending with the innovative Autopol 3D offline programming guarantees full and reliable process control. Thanks to the intuitive design and control, the system requires just two days training. Time that will definitely pay off with quick and flawless production. At the base of the design and results programme is a remotely (so also in the office) operated simulation and control module, which reduces downtime to a minimum. The system operates in three simple steps.

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The E-standard of the future

  • Efficency
    Solutions for faster production
  • Ecology
    Maximum CO2 and oil reduction
  • Ergonomics
    Complete control with one touch
  • Economy
    Total flexibility with Zero Defect

Low-noise and low-energy

The servo-electronic motor powering the hybrid drive only runs when the cutting beam is in motion. This yields two advantages in a single

stroke: you save a great deal of energy and the cutting cycle produces low noise levels. Since its introduction, the hybrid drive system has amply demonstrated its flexibility and reliability. In combination with the solid construction and the sophisticated, modular assembly, makes these SafanDarley shears  superior guillotine shears.