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Lookingback on a successful EuroBLECH exhibition!

9 November 2022
SafanDarley stand EuroBlech 2022

Productionenvironment future

It was a pleasure to meet everyone at the EuroBLECH exhibition in Hanover. After several years without trade shows, EuroBLECH was the perfect place to welcome people from so many different countries to our booth and to showcase our latest innovations in sheet metal working. We were able to do many demonstrations and have interesting conversations. The aisles were full, especially around the SafanDarley “production environment of the future” which attracted the attention of countless visitors.

On our exhibition stand, we had set up a special area to represent the production environment of the future. The 100% automatic Mini Cell and R-Brake bending cell were installed there. They were provided with materials by Pallet Jack, the AGV system from Kumatech. The removal of the finished products was also done by Pallet Jack. Automation is one of the solutions we can to combat staff and skills shortages.

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R-Brake EuroBLECH

Sustainable manufacturing

During the exhibition, the R-Brake 130T produced parts for Meijer Handling Solutions BV, manufacturer of forklift trucks. We are proud of the collaboration with Kumatech and Meijer Metal, which in addition to showing a modern production environment was also very sustainable. By bending parts for Meijer instead of demo products, we produced much less waste during the exhibition. We would like to thank Kumatech and Meijer Metal for this great collaboration between 3 Dutch companies.

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Intelligent bending aid

In addition to the automated solutions, there was also a lot of interest in the I-Mate, the intelligent CNC bending aid installed on the E-Brake 130T Ultra press brake. Many demos were given to show the benefits of the I-Mate. Using the I-Mate increases overall production efficiency and reduces the requirement for additional operators when processing larger sheet metal parts.

We look back on a successful & positive week and hope to see you again soon.

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The shop floor had a clear preference

Tosec is a Zwolle-based metal company that specialises entirely in sheet metal working. The company performs all operations at one location: cutting, machining, bending and welding. "Often we don't know today what we are going to make next month. That's why SafanDarley's new H-Brake 320T Ultra suits us perfectly. The custom-made press brake is widely applicable."

New E-Brake for Addit Sp. z o.o.

Addit Sp. z o.o., is a reliable sheet metal & contract manufacturer. Addit supplies sheet metal parts, modules, system and even complete devices to different market segments. The company has recently purchased and already uses one of the newest bending machine SafanDarley E-Brake 300T-4100 Ultra from our distributor Nixxon Steel.