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Tosec: "the shop floor had a clear preference forSafanDarley"

2 November 2022
SafanDarley kantbank H-Brake 320T Ultra bij Tosec B.V.

Tosec: "the shop floor had a clear preference forSafanDarley"

Tosec is a Zwolle-based metal company that specialises entirely in sheet metal working. The company performs all operations at one location: cutting, machining, bending and welding. "We are known for being able to deliver high-quality products quickly," explains company manager Ruben Nieboer. "These are generally products in small series or single pieces. Often we don't know today what we are going to make next month. That's why SafanDarley's new H-Brake 320T Ultra suits us perfectly. The custom-made press brake is widely applicable." 
Tosec's history goes back more than 100 years. Some 25 years ago, it was taken over by Tollenaar Industries, currently run by brothers Frans and Roland Tollenaar. "We are a real family business with a very flat organisation and short lines of communication. And that's definitely not marketing talk here," says the manager with a laugh. The parent company has two more branches in Zwolle focused on engineering and automation as well as production sites in Germany and South Africa. "For the Netherlands, Tosec is the manufacturing company, the other parts do not. And we do that entirely from Zwolle with some 140 colleagues. Sister company Teqram, for example, focuses on robotisation. The machines they make are in production with us and now also with many other customers."

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Bedrijfspand Tosec B.V.


Variety is an important credo at Tosec. Ruben: "We consciously choose to produce small and medium-sized series and single pieces, because this ensures variation in the work. Setting up the machine every time, looking at drawings and checking products. It can be big, small, thick or thin. We also work with different types of steel, such as very hard steel, Hardox, which is difficult to bend. Or high-strength steel, which is very tough. This constantly requires a different approach. That is why no day is ever the same for the people in the office, our setters and our colleagues in the dispatch department. We make a wide variety of products for machine builders, the trailer and crane industry, the agricultural sector and offshore companies, among others. In total, we have over 500 customers throughout the Netherlands."

Long-standing partner
Tosec's relationship with SafanDarley goes back a long way. "Before the companies Safan and Darley merged, we already had Darley press brakes. So we have known the company for decades." Still, the company did not go overnight for its most recent investment. Several competing brands were looked at and assessed. "In the end, the decisive factor was the opinion of our people on the shop floor. Based on their experiences with the machines and SafanDarley's service, the management chose the new model," Ruben says. 

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The H-Brake 320T Ultra supplied is a special version with an enlarged Q-size. "The machine was purchased as an expansion investment that needs to be widely applicable. So lots of power, wide, deep and high, so we can make almost anything on it. Moreover, it has an E-bend L angle measuring system on it. That saves a lot of time on the machine, because we are also constantly looking for staff. Another advantage for the future is the possibility of offline programming. We don't do that yet, but we will definitely use this in the future. All in all, you can say that SafanDarley was very thoughtful and looked at what was important to us. So, just like us, they also provide customised solutions," Ruben concludes. 

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