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Lamiera 2022

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions at Lamiera 

SafanDarley will present a wide range of innovative solutions at Lamiera 2022. Besides press brake innovations, such as the E-Brake C 200T with Tool Mate, SafanDarley will also focus on the latest developments in offline bending software.

E-Brake C 200T Tool Mate
SafanDarley has added the E-Brake C 200T Ultra with Tool Mate to its press brake range. The Tool Mate is an external automatic tool changer and offers great time savings when producing small batches. The servo-electric E-Brake C with 200Ton pressing force and a bending length of 4300 mm is built with a C-frame, to enable automatic tool changing. The Tool Mate is very intuitive, the execution of the tool changes is via the SafanDarley E-Control. The correct tool settings can be loaded and used directly on the machine from AutoPOL offline software (or other independent offline bending simulation software). 

With the high-precision changer, tools are placed exactly in the correct position. Due to the intelligent software, only necessary changes are made and tools from the previous tool set-up are reused. This achieves considerably shorter changeover times. The tool storage magazine has a capacity of 32, 52 or 60 metres of tools.

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H-Brake Hybrid 230T +

SafanDarley will showcase a new model of Hybrid press brake, the H-Brake Hybrid+ 230T Ultra. The Hybrid+ series is an expansion of the existing Hybrid series and offers higher tonnages but also additional benefits. At its core, there is an advanced dual hybrid drive with high return speed, high productivity and low energy consumption. As a result, costs are reduced. One of the most significant benefits of this system is the dramatic reduction in power consumption. 

The H-Brake 230T + will be equipped with E-Bend L blue angle measurement system. The E-Bend L Blue uses two blue laser sensors one each side of the table. The new blue laser sensors offer an important benefit compared to the usual red. Red laser light has an almost identical wavelength to natural light, which means the measurement is often affected by local conditions. The blue light spectrum of the E-Bend L Blue is much easier to distinguish from “natural” light, so reflections and sunlight do not interfere with the measurement. This guarantees a final product with the highest angle precision.

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E-Brake 35T Premium – Ergonomic 

SafanDarley will present the 100% electronic E-Brake 35T Premium with Ergonomic package. With the Ergonomic package the operator is surrounded by a support table, which is especially beneficial when bending large quantities. The ergonomic ease of operation is optimised because the seating position can be fully adjusted as desired, increasing productivity. This operating comfort results in higher productivity.

Visit SafanDarley at Lamiera Milan from 18th - 21st of May 2022, Hall 15, Stand E10 and discover our latest innovations.

Autopol off-line bendingsoftware

Another highlight at Lamiera is our AutoPOL off-line bending simulation software, a modern 3D system for off-line press brake programming and unfolding of 3D CAD files. The additional Batch & Remote functionality enables automatic processing of multiple parts. All tasks are performed without user input, results are reported back and production data created. It dramatically reduces programming costs. Smart Bending with the innovative 3D off-line programming guarantees full and reliable process control.

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Exerion: 'SafanDarley suits us'

Exerion in Ulft manufactures high-quality frame structures and products from sheet metal. This international company has existed for more than two and a half centuries. Their standards are high. Exerion has been working with SafanDarley for years. Director Bart Konter: “SafanDarley suits us. They are just like us: down to earth and reliable.”

AutoPOL software updates

End of January, the latest version of the AutoPOL offline bending simulation software has been released. This version contains some new functionality that makes the offline programming of press brake’s even more efficient. All registered users have already been able to download the latest version to further optimise production.