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Updates AutoPOL Software

Updates januari 2022

AutoPOL offline software

Recently the latest version of the AutoPOL offline bending simulation software has been released. This version contains some new functionality that makes the offline programming of press brake’s even more efficient. All registered users have already been able to download the latest version to further optimise production.

Import profiles from XML files
To support the integration with external software systems even better, the ability to open XML files describing 2D sheet profiles has been added. These XML files must be written according to a certain standard, after which they can be opened in the AutoPOL software. This functionality makes it easy to create 2D models of profiles from your own software system, making it possible to work even faster and more efficiently. This new way of introducing bendable products is particularly suitable for companies with standardised profiles that are common in the roof and facade cladding industry.

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Automatic reference and foil side detection

It is now also possible to automatically recognise the reference and foil side of the product in the 3D model. The reference and/or foil side is recognised by various methods, for example by color indication or by recognising the position of the reference point.

The example on the right shows how colors (right) and a reference point (left) are processed in the AutoPOL software. The settings for this function can be made per material, whereby different colors can be processed per material and thickness. With this new function, the correct side (eg foil side) can be indicated by the designer in the 3D model. This information is then retained during the entire bending simulation process, reducing the risk of errors.

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Bend lines visible in AutoPOL Viewer

A small adjustment has been made in the AutoPOL viewer of the SafanDarley E-Control control to make the graphical representation of bending sequence even clearer for the press brake operator. The bending lines of the sheet metal part to be bent are now visible in the 3D view in the AutoPOL CNC Viewer. The lines are indicated by different colors that indicate the upward or downward bends.

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Automatic Tool Changer

SafanDarley adds the E-Brake C 200T Ultra with Tool Mate to its press brake product range. With the addition of the Tool Mate, SafanDarley has a diverse and complete range of press brakes from conventional and semi-automatic to fully automatic bending cells. The Tool Mate is an external automatic tool changer and offers great time savings when producing small batches.

Expansion dealer network Spain

We are proud to announce the appointment of Supraform SL as a SafanDarley Distributor to promote, sell and service our machines in Spain. They will cover all areas excluding the very Northern regions. We look forward to a successful cooperation.