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Exerion:'SafanDarley suits us'

9 March 2022
Bedrijfspand Exerion

Exerion:'SafanDarley suits us'

Exerion in Ulft manufactures high-quality frame structures and products from sheet metal. This international company has existed for more than two and a half centuries. Their standards are high. Exerion has been working with SafanDarley for years. Director Bart Konter: “SafanDarley suits us. They are just like us: down to earth and reliable.”

The history of Exerion begins in 1754, says Konter in their beautiful business premises in the Achterhoek. “It all started with cast iron pans. You could say that we 'breathe' metal here. We have branches in the Netherlands in Ulft and in the Czech Republic. We are part of ACM Group with headquarters in Penang, Malaysia. So we are a very international club," says the director.

Exerion has been working with precision sheet metal for thirty years. “That varies from simple parts to complex composite products. We work a lot in printing and the medical sector is important to us, as are document processing, semiconductors and the industrial market. Those markets are all booming right now. The turnover is good. Corona has hardly had any influence.”

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Mini Cell bij Exerion


The Dutch branch of Exerion employs 100 people, continues Konter. “We have 150 people in the Czech Republic, 700 in Malaysia and 200 in China. In total, the group has more than a thousand people. Their turnover is more than 100 million euros per year. We are proud of our club and have loyal and experienced people. The biggest challenge for us is to achieve revenue growth.”

And that is also the reason that Exerion invested in SafanDarley. “Last year we took over a production from Eastern Europe with many operations. Then you need a professional to program those operations. We have a long relationship with SafanDarley and therefore contacted Arjan Weijs, sales account manager and project engineer at SafanDarley. He researched what we could do with a robot in production. The outcome was that we were able to make great strides in automation with robots with the new E-Brake 35T Mini Cell. This allows us to produce many more small products. The robot can operate constantly and is very reliable. It is equipped with automatic tool change.”

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SafanDarley kantbanken op een rij bij Exerion


The collaboration between Exerion and SafanDarley is excellent, says Konter. “We have the same Achterhoek mentality with high workers morale. We first started using a SafanDarley press brake in the Czech Republic. It was an ambassadorial position. Now there are also SafanDarley press brakes in Malaysia and China. And it works well with that too.”

The machines have a wide application. “We make accurate frames using sheet metal techniques with high demands on tolerances. We are unique in that this demands a lot from the reliability of the machines. The standards are very high here. We were an essential supplier during the corona time," says the director. “We work smartly with various techniques. In recent years we have invested a lot in ERP and a robot bending cell, the E-Brake 35T Minicell. It is reliable and will never stop. If you want to move forward, you have to invest in new techniques. Here we develop projects that are later used for production elsewhere. Automation is essential to us. 

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AutoPOL software updates

End of January, the latest version of the AutoPOL offline bending simulation software has been released. This version contains some new functionality that makes the offline programming of press brake’s even more efficient. All registered users have already been able to download the latest version to further optimise production.

Automatic Tool Changer

SafanDarley adds the E-Brake C 200T Ultra with Tool Mate to its press brake product range. With the addition of the Tool Mate, SafanDarley has a diverse and complete range of press brakes from conventional and semi-automatic to fully automatic bending cells. The Tool Mate is an external automatic tool changer and offers great time savings when producing small batches.