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Fife Fabrications Invest in a new   E-Brake Ultra 130T  

11 March 2021

Fife Fabrications invest in latest E-Brake Ultra technology

Fife Fabrications recently bought a new E-Brake 130T Ultra, a good addition to their existing modern machinery. Fife Fabrications Ltd in Glenrothes, Scotland is one of the UK’s largest and most advanced manufacturers of Precision sheet metal work. They installed their first 4 E-Brakes at the end of 2013 and they have proved very successful. Fife Fabrications is committed to continuous improvement and the latest demonstration of this is the purchase of the SafanDarley E-Brake 130-3100 Ultra.

Like their existing E-Brakes, the new E-Brake Ultra will be fully integrated into the companies ERP system via the dual screen of the E-Brake Ultra. Compared with the old 100Ton machine the new Ultra has a higher tonnage which will allow the machine to perform heavier work, the E-Mate Plus bending aid which will make bending of larger components easier and more accurate. The bending aid is provided with extensions, they allow door size components to be folded using a single operator. The machine is also equipped with 3D back gauge. The fully 3D CNC Back gauge enables the most complicated of components to be programmed and processed with ease. The Smart tool locater which shows where to place tooling sets and where to bend staged components which increases efficiency. 
The latest generation of the large Dual screen has advanced Graphics and connectivity options. Installation is planned for the final week of March.

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Renovated warehouse

The renovation of our Central warehouse at our Lochem facility has been completed and it was brought back into use last week. It is now equipped with a range of automated systems which will enable us to raise our quality and service to an even higher level.

Limiting further spread Coronavirus

We are all still dealing with the spread, consequences and measures regarding the Coronavirus. We at SafanDarley feel it our duty to contribute to this and follow the measures taken by the cabinet and RIVM. For our safety and that of you and your employees we have taken a number of measures that influence our way of working in the delivery of service provision, training and sales processes.