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New warehouse

8 February 2021
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Renovated warehouse SafanDarley Lochem

The renovation of our Central warehouse at our Lochem facility has been completed and it was brought back into use last week. It is now equipped with a range of automated systems which will enable us to raise our quality and service to an even higher level. 

Home improvement
The warehouse has a new floor with reinforced foundations and a number of layers of coating making it more durable and future-proof. The inner wall has been renewed and also raised to the ceiling. This contributes to a noise reduction from the surrounding production areas. The rafters have been cleaned and everything has been repainted. This gives the space a modern, fresh look.

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Platform lift

An additional asset to the central warehouse is two platform lifts enabling us to utilise the entire height of the warehouse. These lifts have the capacity to store more than 5,200 (smaller) parts that are retrieved from the stock locations on demand via an automated system. The warehouse is equipped with SafanDarley green euro pallet racks. All stock is systematically stored here and managed by hand scanners.

Thanks to these innovations, we are able to make all warehouse processes (inbound, storage, outbound, cycle counts, etc.) more efficient and to raise both our stock reliability and delivery times to a higher level.

Last week, the stock was transferred from the temporary warehouse to the central warehouse and from the eight of February we will be fully operational again.

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Limiting further spread Coronavirus

We are all still dealing with the spread, consequences and measures regarding the Coronavirus. We at SafanDarley feel it our duty to contribute to this and follow the measures taken by the cabinet and RIVM. For our safety and that of you and your employees we have taken a number of measures that influence our way of working in the delivery of service provision, training and sales processes.

SafanDarley launches new app

The renewed SafanDarley app is live. The new app has a modern look, works very fast and has a number of new functions, such as the option to send the results to your own email address. The app is also now available in various languages.