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Limitingthe further spread of the Coronavirus

16 March 2020

Limiting the further spread of the Coronavirus

At the moment we are all dealing with the consequences of the Corona Virus. We at SafanDarley feel it is our duty take appropriate action. For the safety of our and your employees we have therefore taken a number of measures which will effect service provision, training and sales processes. These measures are described below:

Measures Service “from now until at least 1st April”:

  • Our service department will only visit customers sites in case of a standstill and highly urgent problems that cannot be resolved by our helpdesk by telephone. We do ask you to let our technician come into contact with as few employees as possible.
  • Preventive (maintenance) visits will be postponed.
  • Commissioning will be further coordinated in mutual consultation, with due observance of the foregoing.

Measures Sales and Sales Support “from now until at least 1st April”

Our sales advisers will no longer make visits to your company “until the specified date”. Scheduled visits by you to our company for training, viewing of our products and demonstrations will also be postponed until after the April 1st deadline.

Of course we are always available for questions, demos, quotations etc and will try to help you by any other means available.

We ask for your understanding and trust that these measures show that we have done the best to make an appropriate contribution to limiting the further spread of the Corona virus.

SafanDarley B.V. / SafanDarley UK Ltd

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Van der Ende Aluminium Constructies is operating at full speed on the Honderdland industrial estate in Maasdijk. The company's aluminium products are delivered all over the world from Westland. Director Laurens likes to work with SafanDarley: ‘We have been a customer for 15 years. This brand is the Mercedes among press brakes.’