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Customised press brake for Poly Roermond BV

3 July 2017

Poly Roermond BV has been using SafanDarley machines for over 30 years. Their latest purchase is an H-Brake Hybrid, type 110T 4200mm. SafanDarley custom made this press brake especially. Director Marc Vrolijks and his staff are very enthusiastic about it. “We just needed a good press brake. So of course we went to SafanDarley.”

The company formed in 1973, explains Vrolijks. “Poly Roermond is a sister company of KOMA Koeltechnische Industrie BV. KOMA wanted to be sure of the supply of high quality panels for their own products, so they set up their own company. Over the years, Poly Roermond has gained more and more customers. We now have fifty employees and produce made-to-measure refrigerator and freezer cells. The only thing we don’t make ourselves is the refrigeration unit.”

The refrigerator and freezer cells are built up from sandwich panels that are connected with tongue and groove joints. “We use about five or six different materials and draw everything out on computer systems. We developed the program ourselves in two years. We only need to enter the standard dimensions for length, width and height and a design just rolls out.”

Marc Vrolijks van Poly Roermond bij een grote vriescel


The profiles of the Polysystems® panels fit together perfectly says Vrolijks. “We came up with our own system for this too. The tongue and groove fit together exactly. Furthermore, the panels are provided with a sealing strip, which ensures the connection is completely sealed. The connection is secured with a foamed-in pin and hook connection. The panels are firmly anchored by tightening these fixings. This method has the advantage that the panels are also simple to replace.”

The panels have many applications, from workbenches to large freezer cells in a variety of sectors. “We supply worldwide to refrigeration engineering companies. They assemble our cells and conduct the technical installation for butchers, supermarkets, bakeries, commercial kitchens, fish markets and even mortuaries. Our panels are also used in industrial air conditioning plant and office furnishing.” Vrolijks has been director now for ten years, “but we have been working for over thirty years with SafanDarley. When I started here, there were still old Safan machines. There were no bending aids on them, so two people were required to operate them”.  

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H-Brake Hybrid 110T bij Poly Roermond

Modern machinery

Now Poly Roermond has the most modern machinery. “It was important to us that they were manufactured in our own country. With the many years of experience we had with Safan, the choice was not hard. But the 110T 4200 brake we wanted was not in the standard range. SafanDarley accepted this challenge and built a four metre Hybrid for us. Vrolijks is highly satisfied with the purchase. “Another SafanDarley customer came here to see it. And they bought one too. The price-quality relationship is excellent. This is enhanced by the fact that it is an energy-efficient hybrid machine. We trust the machine and SafanDarley. If something is up, you get help right away.”

The director is impressed with how the new press brake works on a daily basis. “Before, we had more material rejected. After all, in stainless steel, you see the slightest dent. Now I get increased speed and better quality. Further, it is important that employees find the work much less heavy to carry out. Now each press brake has a set of bending aids. You can recoup the cost back in the course of time.”

Production worker Ron Janssen, who has been working at the company ever since 1987, is really impressed with SafanDarley’s machines. “This press brake is great. It’s a fine machine to work with. You can see on the display exactly what is going to happen and it doesn’t make a racket.”

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