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Hybrid 110-1600Special version

21 October 2020

Hybrid - enlarged Q-size

SafanDarley has supplied a special H-Brake Hybrid 110T-1600 to a manufacturer of professional dishwasher, cleaning and disinfection equipment. This powerful, but compact machine has special side frames with an enlarged Q-size opening.

This construction makes the machine perfect for the production of box-shaped products such as switch boxes and housings.

The combination of the enlarged Q-dimension (1,425 mm), the special intermediate pieces with a height of 700 mm and Upper tools with a working height of 200 mm, enables products with upright sides up to 600 mm to be produced.

This compact press brake is characterised by its very high tonnage density. The machine has an O-frame, which ensures maximum stability with minimal deflection. In addition, this Hybrid press brake is very energy efficient and reliable due to the closed hydraulic system.

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Stomblech 2020

Last week our two distributors in Poland participated in the Stomblech 2020 exhibition in Kielce. This was the first exhibition since the outbreak of COVID-19 where SafanDarley machines were on show.

Update R-Brake software

In 2017, QBTEC, Netherlands, purchased a SafanDarley R-Brake for the automated production of boilers and grease drawers that are used in their frying systems. The R-Brake has a fully automatic tool and gripper change connected to the machine. These and the product are programmed completely offline using RoboBend offline simulation software.