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Stomblech 2020

28 September 2020

Stomblech Poland 2020

Last week our two distributors in Poland participated in the Stomblech 2020 exhibition in Kielce. This was the first exhibition since the outbreak of COVID-19 where SafanDarley machines were on show.
The exhibition ran from 22nd to 24th of September and was quite busy with a lot of interested visitors. ABH Maszyny (North-West Poland) was located on booth E16 and Nixxon Steel (South-East Poland) on booth E11. Nixxon Steel showed a range of SafanDarley machines including the M-Shear 6-205, an E-Brake 100T Premium and an H-Brake Hybrid 110T-1600.

The exhibition authorities implemented the necessary safety and security measures to ensure the wellbeing of Exhibitors and visitors. For example all visitors were required to wear nose and mouth coverings, there was on going disinfection of contact surfaces and all participants had body temperature screening before entering the exhibition halls.

We can look back on a successful week, and thank all visitors for their interest in the SafanDarley machines and the exhibition authorities for implementing all safety and security measures.

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Update R-Brake software

In 2017, QBTEC, Netherlands, purchased a SafanDarley R-Brake for the automated production of boilers and grease drawers that are used in their frying systems. The R-Brake has a fully automatic tool and gripper change connected to the machine. These and the product are programmed completely offline using RoboBend offline simulation software.

VS 1522 Hybrid shears 2.0

SafanDarley has recently developed and manufactured a special shear for the German company Maxion Wheels. This electric/hydraulic guillotine shear combines all of our experience and technical knowledge in the field of efficient sheet metal cutting. The result is a Shear that cuts strips of 13.5mm thick steel plate into different widths every 6 seconds.