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E-Mate 7500 Belt Drive

12 November 2019
E-Mate 7500 Belt Drive

E-Mate 7500 Belt Drive

SafanDarley recently delivered a special, belt-driven bending aid to sheet metal processing company Voss in Germany. This special bending aid, the E-Mate 7500 Belt Drive, is fitted to an H-Brake 400 Ton press brake and is able to support complex products weighing up to 500 kg. During the bending process, the bending aid can hold the product firmly with vacuum cups, and during the return stroke, the product can be removed manually.

The main drive is equipped with two motors which drive two belts with equal belt tension on a single shaft. The belts drive a parallelogram support table which can support a maximum bend angle of 65 degrees. In addition to the main drive, the bending aid features CNC-controlled X and R axis.  It is possible to operate manually or to regulate the position of the bending aid continuously during the entire process ensuring perfect support of the product.

This new innovation means that a single operator is able to handle large, heavy products which previously required two or more operators.  

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‘SafanDarley’s operating model is fully aligned to ours’

Meijer Metal in Sint Jacobiparochie in Friesland (NL) will celebrate its centenary in two years. Yet despite its age, this specialist in sheet metal and pipe processing is exceptionally modern and forward thinking. Its machine fleet boasts no fewer than ten SafanDarley machines, including three new E-Brake Ultra press brakes.

Blechexpo 2019 presentation

During BlechExpo 2019 in Stuttgart, SafanDarley will present a complete programme of solutions with respect to sheet metal working. As the inventor of the electronic press brake, SafanDarley will also showcase the very first E-Brake from 1995. How has the E-Brake helped to create an efficient working environment? Find out during BlechExpo.