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FABTECH Chicago 2021

7 July 2021

Automated Bending Solutions

At FABTECH 2021, SafanDarley will present the newest innovations in sheet metal working, with a focus on Automated Solutions. SafanDarley is an experienced specialist in the field of electric automated bending cells. The automated solutions go much further than stand-alone solutions.

In addition to stand-alone machines, such as Electric and Hybrid press brakes, SafanDarley will present two automated solutions, the R-Brake and the E-Brake Mini Cell. Skilled labor is difficult to find and often even more difficult to retain. The average age of our workforce is increasing, and young talent just isn’t entering the field. Automated Solutions such as the R-Brake and Mini Cell were created to help to bend those headwinds.

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Automated bending

R-Brake 130T
The SafanDarley R-Brake is a revolutionary bending cell concept based on the fully electric, environmentally friendly, Ultra press brake. With the unique overhead robot design you have the benefits of a big cell inside a small, clean space. The unique design allows the operator 100% access to use the brake in manual mode when needed by simply moving the robot to the side when you don’t have appropriate products for the automated cell.  The R-Brake easily switches back to fully automated cell in seconds.  The R-Brake can be equipped with an automated tool and gripper changing system. This also makes the R-Brake suitable for smaller batch sizes. The R-Brake has a modular construction, which makes it easy to customize.

E-Brake 35T Mini Cell
The E-Brake Mini Cell provides an automated solution best characterized by its compactness, making it ideal for larger batches of smaller sheet metal parts. The Mini Cell has a modular build up, so you add only the options you need. The optional automatic tool and gripper change function makes it possible to quickly switch between different products. The Mini Cell at the exhibition is equipped the optional pallet dispenser, to automatically load new pallets and unload finished parts. It’s also possible to add a coveyor belt system to the Mini Cell, for automatic transport of small parts outside the cell.

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In addition to the automated solutions, SafanDarley will also be showing machines from the full product portfolio at the FABTECH show, such as the E-Brake 130T Premium with EC20 software and the H-Brake Hybrid 170T press brake equipped with our patented E-Bend L Blue laser angle measurement system.

H-Brake Hybrid 170T
SafanDarley will present the H-Brake Hybrid 170T Premium. These H-brakes are equipped with an innovative hybrid drive; a combination of hydraulics and electronics. The system delivers huge energy savings has very low-noise levels and uses only a fraction of the usual amount of oil. The hybrid drive is only operational when actively bending. The pump stops in the intervening periods.
The H-Brake Hybrid can be equipped with the optional E-Bend L Blue laser angle measurement system. The E-Bend L Blue uses two blue laser sensors on each side of the table. The sensors are fully CNC controlled and extremely precise. The system constantly monitors and corrects the position of the Y axis based on the actual product angle. This guarantees a final product with the highest angle precision 

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E-Brake 130T Premium

We will also present the 100% electric E-Brake 130T Premium which is available from 35T to 130T with a working length of 1250 to 3100 mm. It is also possible to expand the machine with a number of options, including E-Bend S plate thickness measurement and various bending aids. Optionally, the CNC controlled back gauge system can be expanded to five axes.

Visit SafanDarley at booth A2158

Offline bending software

On the SafanDarley booth, we will be providing AutoPOL software demonstrations. Smart bending with the innovative AutoPOL 3D-offline programming software guarantees complete and reliable process control. From 3D design to production in just a few steps.
The optional Batch & Remote functionality enables the automatic processing of multiple components. It significantly reduces programming costs and reports the result of every step in the process. 

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Production grows with SafanDarley

Entrepreneur Wesley van Rietschoten started the company Rietcon in Spijkenisse four years ago. He recently invested in a new SafanDarley Press brake and Guillotine. Production is growing and the factory space is already becoming too small. “We are looking for bigger premises,” says the entrepreneur. At 37 years old, Van Rietschoten is quite a young entrepreneur. But he has already made his mark during his 15 years in the sheet metal sector.

Inside metal fabrication at NASA

Our distributor Capital Machine Technologies, Inc. introduced the SafanDarley E-Brake at NASA when they started to search for an electric press brake. When the search began for a new press brake, one of the co-workers suggested an electric brake, something he had seen at a tradeshow.