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Automated (cathode) cutting lines

Almost unrestricted in terms of customization

SafanDarley is a global leader in the production of stand-alone machines and complete lines for cutting and processing cathodes. Cutting these rough and irregularly shaped nickel, copper or cobalt sheets of up to 30 mm in thickness requires special technology. SafanDarley produced its first cathode shears as far back as 1986 and has since introduced many improvements and innovations that have made the latest generation of SafanDarley V-shears unparalleled in productivity and customer-specific efficiency.

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Technical information

  • Almost unrestricted in terms of customization
  • Special hold-downs to compensate for irregularities in the material
  • Hydraulic cylinders are placed outside the cutting area (no oil leaks on the material)
  • SafanDarley EasyControl with CNC programming of cutting programs
  • Fully automatic setting of the cutting angle, blade gap and length of stroke
  • CNC-controlled pusher OR CNC-controlled back stop
  • Safety provisions in compliance with the European Machines Directive
  • Optional pneumatic upward retention system
  • Optional torsion-free cutting thanks to ATS