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E-Brake 300T Ultra Dual Drive

Press brakes with an E for electronic
E-Brake 300T Ultra Dual Drive

Servo-electronic bending with an E for even bending

  • Full electric drive
  • More than 30% higher productivity
  • Up to 50% energy saving, low CO2 emissions
  • No harmful hydraulic oil
  • Noiseless operation
  • Full working length backgauge  
  • User friendly touch screen control

Integrated safety

Work fast without risk: SafanDarley makes that a reality with the safety system integrated within the controls. It works with a safety light screen that is automatically directed from the SafanDarley E-Controls. In addition, the SafanDarley E-Brake has an additional in-built safety provision. The application of a spring return means that the top beam will always move upwards in the event of a failure.

DualDrive System

The SafanDarley E-Brake 'Dual Drive' 300T brings the unique advantages of the E-Brake technology to the higher tonnage segment of the market with pressing forces of up to 300 tons. This is possible due to the unique and patented 'Dual Drive' drive with a double pulley system.

Servo motors drive the press beam via the double pulley system. A balanced interplay between fixed and flexible rollers and flexible belts ensures an even  distribution of forces over the entire press beam. Even with 300 tons of pressing force the deflection of the beam is minimal. 

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Technical specifications

Model Tonnage BowLength Pressure force in US Ton Maximum stroke in inches Q-dimension in inches Closing speed in inch/min Bending speed max. in inch/min Return speed in inch/min Motor power in kW Weight in lb
300-4100 300 160 330 16 27 213 48 213 30 48.502

Standard features

  • SafanDarley EC20 Touch Screen CNC press brake controls
  • CNC-controlled R- axis
  • CNC-controlled Y1-Y2 axis (top beam adjustable inclined +/- 0.1 inch)
  • CNC-controlled back gauge (X-axis) with a wide range
  • Manual adjustment of 2 back gauge fingers across a linear parallel guide
  • NSCL II MC Premium top tool mechanical clamping system and NSCR II MC Premium crowning
  • Daylight of 27.16 inch (Q-dimension)
  • 2 support arms (11.81 inch in length)*
  • 1 Hold to Run operating console
  • Programmable and integrated safety light guard* 
  • Safety in conformance with CE*

Available accessories

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Complete Touch Screen convenience

The SafanDarley E-Control is fully touch screen, whereby the only buttons visible on the 21” screen are those that are needed during operation. The controls simply run on a PC under Microsoft Windows®, the software was developed based on Microsoft.net Framework.

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