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E-Brake Mini Cell

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SafanDarley Mini Cell

  • 100% servo electronic
  • More than 30% higher productivity
  • No harmful hydraulic oil
  • Noiseless operation
  • Up to 50% energy saving 
  • User friendly touch screen control
  • Small footprint
  • Industrie 4.0 ready

E-Brake Mini Cell

The E-Brake Mini Cell is equipped with the latest type of FANUC robot with a handling weight of 20 kg, a supply station for four  product stacks, a delivery station and a discharge chute. The machine is characterised by its compactness. Optionally, the E-Brake Mini Cell can be equipped with automatic tool change function. This makes it possible to switch quickly between different products.

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Technische informatie

Model Tonnage BowLength Pressure force in kN Bending length in mm Maximum stroke in mm Q-dimension in mm Closing speed in mm/sec Bending speed max. in mm/sec Return speed in mm/sec Motor power in kW Weight in kg
35-1250 35 1250 350 1250 300 690 180 20* 180 11 -
* In CE version max. bending speed 10 mm/sec

• Pressing force 35 tons, bending length 1250 mm
• NSCL II Premium MC top tool adapter
• Lower tool adapter OB II Premium MC
• CNC controlled Z axis Robot interface + Winsock + sensors
• FANUC M20i-B25 robot SafanDarley
• EC10 control system on a secure swing arm
• Back gauge operates over the entire working length
• 1 position for pallet location and a chute
• Enclosure with 3 secured doors according to CE
• Product reference table

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