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H-Brake Hybrid+ 230T Ultra

Hybrid press brake with highest efficiency
H-Brake Hybrid+ 230T
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Superior combination of hydraulics and electronics

  • Hybrid drive
  • Energy saving, low CO2 emissions
  • Low-noise  
  • Up to 30% higher productivity
  • Minimal oil volume and oil heating
  • Minimal maintenance  
  • Flexibility to increase daylight opening

Lower energy, Higher productivity

At the heart of the machine is the advanced dual hybrid drive system. The combination of an AC servo motor and a hydraulic pump results in a drive system with extremely low energy consumption, low noise operation and high approach and return speeds. Due to its highly dynamic Y-axis control, the approach and return speeds are 200 mm/sec, cycle times are achieved that are significantly shorter than with traditional hydraulic press brakes, resulting in higher productivity.

A major advantage of this system is its drastically reduced energy consumption:

  • Reduce costs - This becomes increasingly important as energy costs rise.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions - and the resulting environmental damage

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Technical information

Model Tonnage BowLength Pressure force in kN Bending length in mm Maximum stroke in mm Q-dimension in mm Closing speed in mm/sec Bending speed max. in mm/sec Return speed in mm/sec Motor power in kW Weight in kg
230.31/27 230 3100 2300 3060 360 650-750 200 10 200 18,5 16.000
230.37/32 230 3700 2300 3655 360 650-750 200 10 200 18,5 17.500
230.42/37 230 4200 2300 4250 360 650-750 200 10 200 18,5 19.500
230.51/43 230 5100 2300 5100 360 650-750 200 10 200 18,5 -
230.62/51 230 6200 2300 6200 360 650-750 200 10 200 18,5 -
  • SafanDarley E-Control EC20 or Delem DA 66T 2D controls
  • Controls mounted on a swivelling arm on the right side of the machine
  • Y1/Y2 axis are CNC-controlled
  • X axis is CNC- controlled
  • R axis is CNC- controlled
  • Z1 and Z2 axis controlled manually
  • Wila NSCL-II Premium top tool adaptor equipped with mechanical clamping
  • CNC deep-hardened tool clamping
  • Wila NSCR-II Premium CNC- controlled crowning with mechanical clamping, 2 sheet support arms (300mm)
  • LazerSafe light beam protection, type LZS-004 (Delem)
  • Programmable and integrated safety light screen (E-Control)
  • Foot pedal including “Hold To Run” function
  • Work area lighting on the front and rear side of the machine
  • Electronic installation of mains connection 3/N/PE 50 Hz 230/400 VAC Machine is designed in accordance with the prevailing CE standards

Available accessories

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Completetouch screen convenience

The SafanDarley E-Control is fully touch screen. The superior ergonomic design means that only those buttons which are needed are visible on the 21" screen at the time of operation. The control simply works on a PC basis under Microsoft Windows®, the software having been developed for the Microsoft. net Framework.

The H-Brake Hybrid+ 230T Ultra comes as standard with a dual screen display for additional information, bringing paperless operation one step closer.

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