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"SafanDarleyoffers a total solution"

2 December 2020
SafanDarley kantbanken bij Anopanel


SafanDarley launched the first electric press brake on the market 25 years ago. The Dutch company Anopanel immediately bought one of the prototypes. The SafanDarley SMK E-brake is still running satisfactorily. Anopanel director Tayfun Alici is pleased with the collaboration, which continues to this day. "We trust each other."

Anopanel makes high quality panels and housings from plastic, aluminum and other metals. Since 2008 the company has been part of the Kamp Coating Group. “We are a full-service supplier in industrial and professional markets,” says director Tayfun Alici. Chip machine manufacturer ASML is a major customer of Anopanel. “We make products for high-end industry; from graphic design to end product. We are a modern company. Quality and dimensional stability are very important to us. We can't take any risks when it comes to accuracy”.  

The Dutch company can handle all operations. “We have everything under one roof. We work alongside customers developing prototypes and prepare the graphic design. We also do the assembly and coating. In the Netherlands there is no other company that masters these disciplines like we do”.  

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Medewerker Anopanel bij E-Brake


The bar is high at Anopanel. “In terms of accuracy, quality and dimensional stability we cannot take any risks. These are highly critical criteria. That means you must have good machines. That is why our company opted for the first electric press brake SMK E-Brake from SafanDarley 25 years ago. It was one of five prototypes at the time. It is still used on a daily basis ”, says Mr Alici.

Because the first machine was excellent, Anopanel bought a second E-Brake press brake in 2012. “During that period we regularly looked for partners for technical solutions for production. Now we do that ourselves. We have technical professionals on the shop floor who work with the right machines. SafanDarley offers a total solution for this”.  

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Medewerker Anopanel met eindproduct


Mr. Alici ensures that the company is attractive to young people. “Our new machine fits in with that. When the E-Brake 40T 1600 with EC20 control and an ergonomic package was delivered in November, everyone came to see it. You have to make the work attractive for the employees. We have had all options of the software installed on the machine. We can now read in 3D drawings and also programme offline. And we can increase our capacity faster. The functionality is greater and the accuracy is better. We have no damage and no wear. Naturally, the craftsmanship must continue. But this is the only way to remain interesting for young people as an employer ”, says the director.

The co-operation with SafanDarley is excellent. “I have been working for 30 years and know all suppliers. I have known the sales people at SafanDarley for 25 years. In addition to their service and quality, SafanDarley sells confidence. We have a very good relationship. We trust each other. This is important."

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