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The E-volution in automation

16 October 2020

Automated solutions

Skilled labor is difficult to find and often even more difficult to retain. The average age of our workforce is increasing, and young talent just isn’t entering the field. On top of all of this, the disruption and costs our businesses have had to absorb for COVID compliance to keep our employees safe has been significant, with no relief in sight.

Automated Solutions such as the R-Brake and Mini Cell were created to help you bend those headwinds in their favor. SafanDarley is an experienced specialist in the field of automated bending cells. The automated solutions go much further than stand-alone solutions. Interested to learn more about these two unique solutions? Request a free Automated consultation with one of our application engineers.

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Update R-Brake software

In 2017, QBTEC, Netherlands, purchased a SafanDarley R-Brake for the automated production of boilers and grease drawers that are used in their frying systems. The R-Brake has a fully automatic tool and gripper change connected to the machine. These and the product are programmed completely offline using RoboBend offline simulation software.

VS 1522 Hybrid shears 2.0

SafanDarley has recently developed and manufactured a special shear for the German company Maxion Wheels. This electric/hydraulic guillotine shear combines all of our experience and technical knowledge in the field of efficient sheet metal cutting. The result is a Shear that cuts strips of 13.5mm thick steel plate into different widths every 6 seconds.