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Automated Solutions

Skilled labor is difficult to find and often even more difficult to retain. The average age of our workforce is increasing, and young talent just isn’t entering the field. On top of all of this, the disruption and costs our businesses have had to absorb for COVID compliance to keep our employees safe has been significant, with no relief in sight.

Automated Solutions such as the R-Brake and Mini Cell were created to help you bend those headwinds in their favor.  If you are ready to learn more about these two unique solutions, request a free Automated consultation via the form below and set up a time with one of our application engineers.

R-Brake 130T

With the R-Brake, the press brake and the robot are integrated into one system. One of the advantages of the new R-Brake is a fully automated tool and gripper change that is connected to the machine. Together with the product, they can be programmed completely offline using SafanDarley’s RoboBend offline simulation software. 

The robotic arm moves horizontally along a 6-metre long traverse at the top of the press brake. This makes it also possible to bend manually.

Mini Cell 35T

This 100% electric Mini Cell is characterised by its compactness, making it ideal for bending smaller sized parts. The optional automatic tool and gripper change function makes it possible to quickly switch between different products. 

The E-Brake Mini Cell is equipped with the latest type of FANUC robot with a handling weight of 20 kg, a supply station for four  product stacks, a delivery station and a discharge chute. 

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