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The top-quality hybrid shear
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Superior integration of hydraulics and electronics

  • Energy saving hybrid drive, low Co2 emissions
  • Only 22 litre oil tank
  • Low noise 
  • User friendly touch screen control

4-sided cutting knives

The robust hydraulic systems in the SafanDarley B-Shear are controlled by modern electronics. This means that the regulatory mechanism has evolved from hydraulic to electronic technology. A successful E-volution that increases both your productivity and the quality of your products.

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Technical specifications

Model Cutting capacity Cutting length in inches Main motor power in kW No. of strokes/min (stroke length max. cutting edge) No. of strokes/min (stroke length min. cutting edge) Cutting angle 0.5°-max (°) Backgauge reach in mm Backgauge speed in mm/sec No. of hold-down pads Weight in lb
310-6 0.24 122 11 24 80 2 39.4 472 20 13,669
  • Touch Screen control, type TS150
  • Energy saving hybrid drive
  • 4-sided cutting knives, suitable for cutting stainless steel
  • Cutting line lighting
  • 2 support arms, adjustable over the entire width of the table (L=47,24 inches from the cutting line)
  • 2 squaring guides, left and right on the table (table width)
  • 2 rulers in the table
  • T slots and hand slots spread across the width of the table
  • 1 T slot on the front of the table
  • 2 spring-action stops
  • Adjustable hold down cylinders
  • Automatic retraction of the backgauge for narrow strip widths
  • Pneumatic sheet support 
  • Sheet support fingers in backgauge beam

Safety first 

The safety features of the SafanDarley B-Shear fully satisfy the European Machine Directive. The cutting beam drive is equipped with block hydraulics. All visible high-pressure lines are protected. The shear has extensive guards protecting the back and sides.

Inloopbeveiliging achterkant M-Shear

Available accessories

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