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Patent - E-Bend L Blue

16 February 2022

Patent on SafanDarley E-Bend L Blue angle measuring system

SafanDarley's unique angle measuring system, E-Bend L Blue, is now also patented in America. With this registration, SafanDarley has the right to continue to offer/sell this unique development exclusively in the American market in the coming years. The patent is valid until May 2034 and is registered under number: US pat.nr. 11,156,454.

The E-Bend L Blue enables you to work even more accurately and efficiently. The E-Bend L Blue uses two blue laser sensors on either side of the table. The sensors are fully CNC controlled and extremely precise. The blue laser sensors offer an important benefit compared to the usual red. Red laser light has an almost identical wavelength to natural light, which means the measurement is often affected by local conditions. The blue light spectrum of the E-Bend L Blue is much easier to distinguish from “natural” light, so reflections and sunlight do not interfere with the measurement.

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AutoPOL software updates

End of January, the latest version of the AutoPOL offline bending simulation software has been released. This version contains some new functionality that makes the offline programming of press brake’s even more efficient. All registered users have already been able to download the latest version to further optimise production.

Automatic Tool Changer

SafanDarley adds the E-Brake C 200T Ultra with Tool Mate to its press brake product range. With the addition of the Tool Mate, SafanDarley has a diverse and complete range of press brakes from conventional and semi-automatic to fully automatic bending cells. The Tool Mate is an external automatic tool changer and offers great time savings when producing small batches.