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E-Brake 35T Mini Cell at GS-Metaal

21 May 2024

“Nice to see that when I am the last to leave,there is still 'someone' working”

GS Metaal BV is as specialist in sheet metal working with bending one of their specialities. By choosing the SafanDarley E-Brake Mini Cell, GS Metaal is able, to automate the bending of a wide variety of products up to 900 mm in length in a relatively small area.

Nowadays, skilled people are difficult to find. GS Metaal want to keep these people available for specific products which are complex to manufacture. With the SafanDarley E-Brake 35T Mini Cell, they are able to manufacture repetitive items in batches.

To keep the Mini Cell running even at night, GS Metal has expanded the cell to include, among other things, a positioning conveyor to ensure that items are placed properly on pallets and can be removed automatically.

The entire purchase process with SafanDarley went very smoothly and we were well informed at every stage. Recently, 2 employees successfully completed an offline course in robot simulation software RoboBend and are enjoying working on this machine.

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