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Technology Days 2024

Date: 22 – 23 May 2024

Technology Days 2024, 
SafanDarley Waukesha, USA

Visit SafanDarley North America from May 22 - 23th at our Technology Days 2024 in Waukesha, WI. SafanDarley will present their newest innovations in sheet metal working, with a focus on Automated Solutions.

SafanDarley will present their full line of automated solutions, the new Robo Mate, R-Brake,  Mini Cell and Tool Mate. Skilled labor is difficult to find and often even more difficult to retain. The average age of our workforce is increasing, and young talent just isn’t entering the field. Our Automated Solutions were created to help to bend those headwinds.  In addition we will also have our stand alone machines in both E-Brakes and Hydraulic Brakes on display.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the newest innovations, read the following sections for outline of what will be on display and interact with the SafanDarley team. 

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Technology Days 2024, SafanDarley Waukesha, USA

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R-Brake 130T

R-Brake 130T 

The SafanDarley R-Brake is a revolutionary bending cell concept based on the fully electric, environmentally friendly, Ultra press brake. With the unique overhead robot design you have the benefits of a big cell inside a small, clean space. The unique design allows the operator 100% access to use the brake in manual mode when needed for situations like bending a prototype part you don’t want to invest the time in the programming.  This is accomplished by simply moving the robot to the side when needed or if the product you are producing requires it be done manually.  The R-Brake easily switches back to fully automated cell in seconds.  The R-Brake can be equipped with an automated tool and gripper changing system. This also makes the R-Brake suitable for smaller batch sizes. The R-Brake has a modular construction, which makes it easy to customize.

Robo Mate

This creation opens new doors by extending automation capabilities from E-Brake to H-Brake and hybrid machines. As a result, Robo-Mate ushers in a new era of versatility and adaptability in the automation of different machine types. This innovation reaffirms SafanDarley's commitment to pushing boundaries and developing solutions that grow with the ever-changing industrial landscape. Meet the future of automated bending with the SafanDarley Robo Mate combined with the H-Brake 230T Ultra.

E-Brake MiniCell 35T

The E-Brake Mini Cell provides an automated solution best characterized by its compactness, making it ideal for larger batches of smaller sheet metal parts. The Mini Cell has a modular build up, so you add only the options you need. The optional automatic tool and gripper change function makes it possible to quickly switch between different products. The Mini Cell is equipped the optional pallet dispenser, to automatically load new pallets and unload finished parts. It’s also possible to add a conveyor belt system to the Mini Cell, for automatic transport of small parts outside the cell.

Tool Mate

The SafanDarley Tool Mate, our automatic tool changer, brings the ultimate combination of fast and efficient production and maximum durability and will be demonstrated using a video. The Tool Mate is one of the largest CNC-controlled tool storage systems for press brakes on the market with the most user flexibility. The perfect solution for working with high-mix, low-volume orders with complex tool set-ups in today's modern production environment.


In addition to the live demo’s there will be presentations about the SafanDarley Tool Mate and 3D offline programming software. Together with AutoPOL and RoboBend (offline software), ASC-control enables SafanDarley to offer a total package for all automated solutions. As a result, customers are no longer dependent on third parties and have only one point of contact for the entire package.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the newest innovations and interact with the SafanDarley team. Sign up using the form below!