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Compact Hybrid powerhouse

3 gennaio 2018

Compact Hybrid powerhouse

SafanDarley is adding a new model to its Hybrid brake press range with a working length of 2,050 mm. This model is available with a pressing force of 110 tons or 170 tons. The machine is compact and fast and extremely suitable for bending small, complex, thick sheet metal parts.

Compared with traditional hydraulic brake presses, this significantly increases the pressing capacity for each available bending length. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for this machine concept. This brake press can, in fact, generate a pressing force of 110 and 170 tons across a bending length of approximately 2 metres. The ideal solution for companies with limited space. Furthermore, smaller, thick sheet metal parts no longer have to be produced on excessively long brake presses. This improves the efficiency and usability of the machinery.

No continuous drive

The H Brake Hybrid is characterised by the unique hybrid concept, a combination of hydraulics and electronics. A servomotor with direct drive provides efficiency and speed; the hydraulics provides the force and sustainability. The hybrid drive is only activated when the foot pedal is operated. The pump is stationary during the intervening period. Thanks to its highly dynamic Y axis, with approach and return speeds of 230 mm/sec, cycle times are achieved that are 30% shorter than those of traditional hydraulic brake presses. This unique drive concept makes the machine extremely energy efficient and quiet.

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