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Theuws Metaal's green corner

12 julio 2023

Theuws Metaal's green corner

Working together to ensure fast, market-compliant delivery with a high level of quality: that is Theuws Metaal's vision. "Coming up with solutions at the front end to avoid problems at the back, that's what I find really cool," says owner Leo Theuws. "Besides small and large batch production, with which we distinguish ourselves, we also offer specialist customisation. That's why the new E-Brake 35T-1250 Premium Ergonomic press brake fits us so well." 

Theuws Metaal is part of Theuws Group, a real family business. Leo says: "My father founded the company in 1977. In a small room behind the house, he initially did mainly construction work, such as stairs, balcony fences and steel trusses. In the years that followed, the company grew in production capabilities and employees. Many large companies in the region became regular customers. Theuws Group now consists of three branches: Metal, Assembly and Polyester. Each branch has its own location, managed by specialist staff and equipped with modern machinery. I myself started at our polyester branch in North Holland, but in the long run I preferred to return to Brabant," Leo laughs. "So since 2016, I am proud to be the owner of Theuws Metaal."

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Manyyears of collaboration

The relationship between Theuws Metaal and SafanDarley goes back a long way. "We have been a SafanDarley customer since 1999. So we have now been working closely together for over 24 years. In that period, we have experienced the best growth as a company, during which our machinery has also been modernised. We have a stable series production flow, doing a lot for the automotive sector. We also offer specialised customised work. For this, we now have eight press brakes from SafanDarley, all nicely lined up. The press brakes help us enormously in responding to the various demands made on us by the market," Leo says.

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A greatsolution for smaller production

The latest addition to Theuws Metaal's machine park is the E-Brake 35T-1250 Premium Ergonomic. Why was this machine chosen? Leo: "Our main activities are light construction, where we make a lot of frames from sheet metal. This machine has specifications that fit in very well with that, such as the enlarged frame size for certain tools. In addition, the electric drives ensures a faster production cycle. We can also produce smaller series with this press brake very targeted and efficient side-by-side. This all makes it a nice solution for smaller productions."

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"SafanDarley's press brakes also fit in well with the demands of our employees. The ergonomic versions, where you can work on the machine while sitting down, ensures a  pleasant working experience. Our people on the shop floor also find the operation of the machines extremely user-friendly. Because all our press brakes are from SafanDarley, it is also easier for us to train new operators. Another advantage is the possibility of offline programming. This is something we don't do yet, but would like to make more use of in the future. For example, by training new employees for this purpose.

All in all, we are very satisfied with our relationship with SafanDarley. We look forward to working with them again in the coming years to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers!", Leo concludes.

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The shop floor had a clear preference

Tosec is a Zwolle-based metal company that specialises entirely in sheet metal working. The company performs all operations at one location: cutting, machining, bending and welding. "Often we don't know today what we are going to make next month. That's why SafanDarley's new H-Brake 320T Ultra suits us perfectly. The custom-made press brake is widely applicable."

New E-Brake for Addit Sp. z o.o.

Addit Sp. z o.o., is a reliable sheet metal & contract manufacturer. Addit supplies sheet metal parts, modules, system and even complete devices to different market segments. The company has recently purchased and already uses one of the newest bending machine SafanDarley E-Brake 300T-4100 Ultra from our distributor Nixxon Steel.