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Expansion production machinery Eijsden

18 febrero 2019

Soraluce SLP-8000

Recently SafanDarley invested in new machinery at it’s production plant in Eijsden. An ageing CME milling machine has been taken out of production. To supplement our Zayer milling machine we invested in a new SORALUCE SLP-8000 milling machine. This new machine weighs 28.8 tons, is 6500mm long and 1800mm high. The introduction of the new milling machine will result in quicker throughput times for the press brakes.

We’ve chosen the Soraluce because of the advanced SORALUCE technology geared towards maximizing productivity with the highest precision. Installation is in progress and the machine will be commissioned this week.

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SafanDarley at TolExpo Lyon

SafanDarley will present new productivity enhancing technology at Tolexpo Lyon 2019. Besides machine innovations, SafanDarley will focus this exhibition on the latest developments in programming off-line software.

‘SafanDarley listens to customers’

Theuws Metaal in Luyksgestel, Brabant, the Netherlands, has seven SafanDarley press brakes. “We also have a guillotine of the same make dating from 1980 which is still in daily use. We bought that second-hand at the time. That says a lot about SafanDarley’s quality,” comments founder Jan Theuws.