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Increased productivity through redesign of E-Brake Mini Cell

18 lipca 2023

Increased productivity through redesign of E-Brake Mini Cell

From 2023, all Mini Cell press brakes will be fitted with a double door on the infeed side as standard. This is SafanDarley's response to market needs. The redesign now makes it possible to run the Mini Cell for more than 8 hours without human intervention. This modification significantly increases the Mini Cell's infeed capacity. The option of adding additional product tables including sliding door offers the possibility of doubling the infeed capacity.

The basis of the Mini Cell is the E-Brake 35-1250 press brake and is characterised as a compact automatic flexible bending cell. The E-Brake Mini Cell is ideal for fully automatic production of small complex products and is fully configurable to customer requirements by adding a variety of options. The product tables in the Mini Cell are equipped with precision adapters as standard. These adapters guarantee a fixed position of the table including the products, making it possible to exchange several different product tables with each other. This makes the E-Brake Mini Cell unique in the market.

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In addition, it is now also possible to place environment scanners on the input side of the Mini Cell to detect whether the changing area is free. This option is needed when you want to start changing product/reference tables automatically. By adding this option to the Mini Cell, it is possible to change tables automatically with an AGV or other pick & place system so that the Mini Cell runs without an operator entering the cell.

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