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H-iBrake 170 - 560T

Future of sheet metal working redefined

Redefined future of sheet metal working

With the introduction of the innovative H-iBrake press brake series, SafanDarley is redefining the future of sheet metal working. The H-iBrake is designed to take companies' production to the next level and be successful at the lowest possible cost. This is achieved through advanced drive technology, increased approach and pressing speeds, optimum precision and energy regeneration, among other things. Whether working with light or heavy sheet material, the SafanDarley H-iBrake ensures optimum performance in all cases.

Forward-looking features

  • Latest drive technologies, minimum energy consumption
  • More efficient, through reduced cycle times
  • Safer, with adaptive safety system
  • More sustainable, through energy regeneration 
  • Increased approach and pressing speeds
  • Better performance, financially attractive
  • Versatile support arms
  • Optional: Smart Light Indicator

Modular support arms

The modular design of the support arms with different types of inserts gives you the flexibility to adapt the machine to different applications. This ensures efficiency and precision in every operation.

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Technical specifications

  • Intelligent drive system for optimum performance and minimal energy consumption reduced heat development
  • High degree of uniformity in the components used throughout the range
  • Less oil present in the machine (50%)
  • Improved ergonomics for the machine operator
  • Q-size standard 700mm
  • Standard stroke 350mm
  • Standard frame extension 500mm
  • Renewed modular support arms with a variety of inserts
  • Optional: modular safety system. 1 break / 2 break functionality combined with the AKAS 5 laser safety system
  • Optional laser line projection mounted on the AKAS 5 transmitter/receiver to indicate bending line
  • Optional Smart light: the ultimate combination of adjustable workspace lighting with Tool/Back gauge finger position indicator
  • Optional wireless foot pedal for added convenience and freedom of movement for the operator

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