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Impressive H-Brake 700T Ultra raises production capacity at Clijsters

12 grudnia 2023

Significant step forward

Clijsters BVBA commissioned a new SafanDarley H-Brake 700T Ultra. This hydraulic press brake has an impressive capacity of 700 tonnes and can bend sheets up to 7 metres long. This investment marks a significant step forward in Clijsters' production capacity.

The decision to invest in this new press brake stemmed from the need to replace an old machine. The management of Clijsters BVBA carefully searched for a modern press brake that would better meet their specific production needs. After extensive research and consultation, SafanDarley B.V. was chosen as the supplier, partly because of its ability to provide tailor-made solutions.

SafanDarley B.V.'s new hydraulic press brake has been specially adapted to Clijsters BVBA's specific requirements. Providing significantly improved accuracy and precision, the H-Brake will play a crucial role in increasing production efficiency and delivering high-quality products that meet Clijsters BVBA's strict standards.

One of the added options is SafanDarley's advanced Laser angle measuring system E-Bend L-Blue. This dedicated angle measurement system allows Clijsters BVBA to measure the angles of the material to be bent in real time using advanced laser technology. This measurement data is then automatically used to control the press brake, minimising human error and raising production quality to a higher level.

Eric Clijsters, director of Clijsters BVBA, speaks enthusiastically about this investment: "The purchase of our new press brake marks an important milestone for our company. We are delighted to increase our production capacity and invest in the latest technologies. This modern press brake allows us to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers while ensuring the highest quality."
Frank Clijsters, co-owner of Clijsters BVBA, added: "As a family business, we are proud of our tradition of craftsmanship and customer focus. With this investment, we confirm our commitment to continuous growth and improvement. We are convinced that this new press brake will enable us to serve our customers even better and exploit new business opportunities."

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