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Electric press brake tackles complex parts with speed, precision

16 september 2016
Medewerker Mani stelt E-Brake 100T -3100 in

SafanDarley E-Brake 100-3100 from Westway Machinery

When the owners of Millomat Stampings/Accuburners Corp. of Mississauga, Ont., recently went looking for a new CNC press brake, they knew they needed something fast and flexible for a variety of product runs. They have been more than rewarded for taking on the investment.

The Sehmbis chose to invest in a SafanDarley E-Brake 100-3100 from Westway Machinery. It is a 110-ton, 10-ft., 7-axis model. The e-brake is a servomotor-driven press brake that employs a belt pulley system to power the ram down. Millomat’s brake is equipped with 7 axes, so even for complicated, multibend parts, the Sehmbis know the part will be easily produced. It is the speed of production, precision of the bends, and the simplicity of the controls that Mani appreciates most. “I am saving a lot of time on setups; the machine  does a lot of the brainwork for me,” Mani said. “I am doing 120-in.-long pieces on it, 12 bends per part. One part we are running has as many as 18 bends on it; in that case, we set up multiple dies on the machine to speed the processing.

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