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Renewed SafanDarley app

15 grudnia 2020
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SafanDarley app

The renewed SafanDarley app is live. The new app has a modern look, works very fast and has a number of new functions, such as the option to send the results to your own email address. The app is also now available in various languages.

The existing app, the Send & Bend app and the toolbox, consisting of E-Bend, E-Cut and the Q-calculation, are integrated in 1 application, so that you have all the information together and can easily switch between the apps.

Send & Bend
The Send & Bend application is ideal for, among others, the facade cladding industry that measures profiles on site for the metal shop and other companies that often work with templates. With the app you can easily select the most common profiles and dimensions, and send directly from the construction site to the sheet metal workshop.

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3 applications in 1 tool


The SafanDarley E-Toolbox is an application for users who bend and cut sheet metal. It also provides all kinds of information about SafanDarley and its products. The toolbox is divided into 3 types of tool:

  • E-Cut

This part in the app serves as a tool to calculate the maximum cutting capacity of the guillotine shears for various materials.

  • E-Bending

With this tool you can easily calculate the required pressing force of various materials and V die sizes.

  • Q-Calculation

The Q-Calculation application is necessary for determining the optimum opening height and tool combinations.

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H-Brake Hybrid 110-1600 – special version

SafanDarley has supplied a special H-Brake Hybrid 110T-1600. This powerful, but compact machine has special side frames with an enlarged Q-size opening. This construction makes the machine perfect for the production of box-shaped products such as switch boxes and housings.

Stomblech 2020

Last week our two distributors in Poland participated in the Stomblech 2020 exhibition in Kielce. This was the first exhibition since the outbreak of COVID-19 where SafanDarley machines were on show.