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E-Brake 160-200T iTC

The E-Brake iTC with tool changer

  • Complete servo electric machine
  • Standard magazine for 5 working lenghts of tooling, optional expandable
  • Easy programming of the complete system
  • Completion of series of press brake programs by using Batch and Queue
  • Tool identification by applying the TIPS system
  • Very compact machine, footprint almost equal to standard E-Brake
  • Machine can be equipped with E-Bend L Blue angle measuring system
  • Offline controllable with Autopol or Radan software
  • Optional rotating station to rotate tools 180 degrees

More possibilities on the same surface

The E-Brake iTC is the continuation of the successful Electric servo E-Brake 160T 3100 and 200T 4100. What makes this innovation so unique is the fact the machine has been expanded with an automatic tool changer. This tool changer automatically places tools in the machine, adding efficiency without the press brake having to take up additional square metres in your production environment.

Smart magazine mounted on the rear of the machine

The iTC is always ready to completely clear the tools in your machine, after which you could also manually set up your machine with tools. If you choose the TIPS option, the robot will also be able to identify tools. This makes it possible to manually move placed tools. The robot will be able to read the tool location and move it without difficulty back into the magazine. This is what makes the iTC one of a kind and it will remarkably increase your efficiency!

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Technical specifications

Model Tonnage BowLength Pressure force in US Ton Maximum stroke in inches Q-dimension in inches Closing speed in inch/min Bending speed max. in inch/min Return speed in inch/min Motor power in kW Weight in lb
160-3100 - - 169 12 27 236 48 236 22+ 39,242
200-4100 - - 225 12 27 177 48 177 22+ 50,265
  • SafanDarley EC20 Touch Screen CNC press brake controller
  • Adjustable top beam angle +/- 2,5 mm
  • 3D CNC backgauge control (X1-X2, Z1-Z2, R1-R2)
  • Backgauge beam equipped with 2 adjustable backgauge fingers
  • NSCL II HC Premium hydraulic clamping top tool adapter and NSCR II HC Premium crowning with hydraulic tool clamping system
  • Standard open height of 690 mm (Q-size)
  • 2 Support arms (300 mm)
  • 1 Hold-to-Run control console
  • Programmable and integrated safety light curtain
  • Safety, compliant with CE standards

Complete Touch Screen convenience

The SafanDarley E-Control is fully touch screen, whereby the only buttons visible on the 21” screen are those that are needed during operation. The controls simply run on a PC under Microsoft Windows®, the software was developed based on Microsoft.net Framework.

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