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Automation Advancements Dallas 

19 - 22 July
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Automation Advancements Dallas

The event that drew in record numbers in Tampa is coming to Dallas. More than ever before, Capital will be demonstrating numerous levels of AUTOMATION which opens up a whole new world for metal fabrication and robotic welding. It allows your talented associates to work on the tasks they are best suited for while automation has your shopfloor machines carrying out mundane tasks that would eat away at your talent’s time. Also, if your shop is in need of help due to staff being out sick or lack of personnel, automation has your machine on the clock pumping out the parts you need to meet customer expectations. See how Capital Machine can help your company increase efficiencies and accuracies to compete in the future.

Our distributor Capital Machine will be hosting an open-house style event from 19th till 20th of July 2022. For customers preferring to be around fewer people and have a more one-by-one demo, Capital is offering dedicated time slots on Thursday and Friday (July 21 and 22th).

During the event you will find a SafanDarley electric and fully automated bending cell:

  • More than 30% higher productivity
  • Up to 50% energy saving, no CO2 emissions
  • No harmful hydraulic oil
  • Noiseless operation
  • Full working length backgauge
  • User friendly touch screen control
  • Small footprint
  • Easy offline programming
  •  Accurate tool change 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see many machines and technologies by prominent industry builders all under one roof, Live, and In-Person!

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